Elistair Ligh T 4


In this video, David, Elistair Europe channel sales manager, presents the Ligh-T 4 drone tether in details and connects it with a DJI M200. Read full description of the station below:

The Ligh-T 4 tethered drone station provides unlimited power to a wide range of drones thanks to Plug and Fly Air modules, such as DJI’s M200 V2, M200 V1, Inspire 1 and 2, or the Yuneec H920. Unlimited data transfer is possible through its 10.5 g/m micro-tether.

With its 70 m/230 feet long micro-tether, it is the perfect plug-and-fly tool to ensure fast and safe surveillance, defense, public and private safety, incidents/natural disasters assessment and pop up telecommunication missions.

The Ligh-T 4 micro-tether, equipped with a Dual Mode Tether Management system (DMTM), enables smart motorized control of the micro-tether tension while allowing the user to manually wind and unwind in case of power outage for instance.

Housed in a rugged cased with an open and accessible interface, the system is easily transportable, optimized for easy maintenance and fully protected from the elements, allowing it to be deployed quickly in the most demanding and challenging conditions.

The smart system is completed by the T-Monitor application that allows a full monitoring of the drone tether station’s state during each flight.

The Ligh-T V4 has been thought, designed, manufactured and tested to meet the needs of operators seeking a modulable, ready to use and rugged tool.

00:16 Pelicase with wheels and handle
00:30 Opening the Ligh-T 4
00:54 Air module
01:25 setting up the station with the DJI M200 drone
02:40 setting up DJI GO app for a captive flight
03:03 Drone take-off
03:17 Tethered DJI M200 flying
03:23 Unwinding of the tether
03:28 T-Monitor live flight monitoring mobile application
03:44 Landing of the tethered drone
03:51 Manual and motorized winding of the tether

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