Drone Footage Of Catastrophic Damage To The Three Mile Bridge


Raw Drone Footage Of The Catastrophic Damage To The Three Mile Bridge. No Audio
Footage of the multiple destroyed section of the Highway 98 Three Mile Pensacola Bay Bridge that was hit by several run away barges during Hurricane Sally. Incredible footage showing massive sections of the bridge laying on top of a barge. Footage of huge sections of the bridges destroyed and damaged by the barges hitting the bridge during Hurricane Sally.
Shot Description

00:00 – Approaching the first damaged section of the Three Mile Bay Bridge.
00:14 – Tight shot of the damage from just above the water showing the road surface hanging into the water.
00:21 – Overhead footage of the extensive damage where it looks as if a barge was bouncing off the side of the bridge.
00:35 – Traveling and orbit shot to of the damaged sections of the bridge.
01:15 – Flyby of damage and another barge in the distance that hit the bridge.
01:42 – Orbit of the second damaged section of the bridge with additional sections of the bridge on a barge stuck under the collapsed bridge.
02:34 – Tight orbit of the second collapsed section of the bridge on top of a barge.
03:16 – Long shot and fly by of both damaged sections of the bridge with both barges stuck under the bridge.
05:08 – Tight shot of the catastrophic damage to the Three Mile Bridge.
05:15 – Pan shot of the catastrophic damage with rebar hanging out of what is left of the bridge.
05:35 – Orbit shot of construction equipment that slammed into the Three Mile Bridge and laying on the side of the bridge.
05:59 – A third barge that broke loose and was stuck under the bridge.
06:28 – Lower angle shot of the third barge stuck under the Three Mile Bridge where the large steel storage containers and equipment on the barge is smashed on the deck.
07:36 – Orbit of the third barge stuck and smashed under the Three Mile Bridge.
07:52 – Fly by shot of another barge in the water near the bridge for reference of that was on the deck of the third barge with the equipment smashed on its deck under the bridge.
08:32 – Fly by shot of a barge that ran aground on shore.
09:02 – Tight and orbit shot of the barge that ran aground next to a road and traffic driving by.

SID: Michael Gordon


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