Tooth Fairy The Movie! (Drone Master Will Pay?)


ZZ Dad, Monster Dude, and Goo Goo Mom are getting ready to go to bed until they hear Goo Goo Gaga call for help. Goo Goo Gaga lost tooth. Follow us on instagram:
Well he lost 3 teeth! The family writes a letter to the tooth fairy and place tooth under pillow. The next morning, the tooth and letter are gone! What happened to the tooth fairy?ZZ Kids and the family figured out who took the money, letter, and tooth. It was the Drone Master! Drone Master created a secret door inside our home! The family followed Drone Master into the secret door but couldn’t find the drone Master.Oh no we are stuck in Drone Master’s House! ZZ Dad, ZZ Kid, mom, and the rest of the family figured out how to get out of Drone Masters house! However, the drone master tricked them! Now the family will have to figure out how to get back home and save Tooth Fairy money and magic wand!

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