This is a music video of the song Drones by Rise Against.

This one I would say was my hardest RSMV to do yet because each line meant a different deep meaning. Many times I went “crazy” because we could not get it right lol. When I was first working on the film, I thought it was going to fail. We tried the same line 3 times, and failed everytime lol, so it wasn’t going too well. But that fourth try, we got it, and I kept going with it, and it turned out really well. =)

For the “If strength is born from heartbreak” line, I was originally going to show someone breaking up with me, and a person lifting a weight, but it didn’t look as cool as what I selected.

Also, thank you to everyone who helped out in this music video. You guys ROCK.

-Evil Dawg2
-Armed Muppet
-B I G B U S
-Lord Relecus
-V13t B4ll3r

Thanks everyone! It was hella fun. Also thanks to Hogblood57 for being annoying in some parts. =P

If you have any questions, feel free to ask!

Song: Drones by Rise Against
Second Song: Colors by Crossfade
Edited with Sony Vegas 8
Filmed with Screen Recorder Gold

Watch in high quality for a way better experiance! Enjoy the video, comment, rate, and subscribe! Thanks!

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