Tesla Gigafactory Austin 4K 8/28/20


We are back in the air over Giga Texas! A huge THANK YOU to all of you, my esteemed viewers, and to the Tesla team, Elon and the awesome security staff & supervisors on site. Also a shout-out to the “Quad Squad” for having my back and emotional support late into the night – thank you all and now it’s time to fly once again!

A beautiful day today with an extra dash of color on site today (is it just me?)! Major progress continues as Ranger Excavation kicks butt and takes names on all ends of this 280 acre canvas.

Please enjoy the video and as always, I appreciate all comments, questions, statements, proclamations and otherwise below!

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Equipment used:
iPhone 11 Pro Max
DJI Mavic Air 2

Music in this video:
Artist: Jesse Gallagher
Song: “The Golden Present”


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