Skydio 2: BEST DRONE! My In-Depth Review (4K)


This might be the BEST drone I’ve ever used! Could it be a DJI killer? The subject tracking and autonomous flying of this Skydio 2 (4K 60fps HDR) drone is CRAZY impressive, exhilarating and terrifying all at the same time. This is my in-depth hands-on review, let me know your thoughts!

Skydio 2:

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Huge thanks to my FPV drone op: @Kelly Lopez + 2nd op: @tylerwmorgan (IG)

0:00 Intro
1:25 How it works
2:16 Camera 4K 60fps HDR Samples
2:42 How it helps my shooting
3:27 What’s included and Setup
3:55 Flying with Phone app + motion tracking
4:40 Max speed and battery life
5:08 Orbit mode & other tracking modes
5:57 One-shots
6:31 Camera settings
6:54 Photos
7:01 Phone wifi connectivity range
7:32 Option accessories / remote controller
8:23 GPS Beacon & impossible tracking capabilities
9:45 Case Landing
10:07 Safety
10:30 Crash-proof?
11:00 Wish list
12:31 Conclusion

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