May 15, 2021

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Buzzin Delivers Aircraft Parts [VIDEO]

Buzzin Delivers Aircraft Parts [VIDEO]
Buzzin Delivers Aircraft Parts [VIDEO]

Dutch drone corporation Acecore Technologies was invited to show their drone delivery solution along at the Netherlands’ largest airport, Schiphol Amsterdam. The Dutch ASNP (LVNL) viewed the opportunity to test several innovative jingle applications after air traffic used to be greatly reduced as a result of the ongoing CoVID-19 compromiso.

Working together with Dutch Bum Delta, Schiphol aimed to test its technical as well as the social aspect of drones flying at an active airport. The particular temporary exemption and in close along with the ASNP, drones were are actually fly in the CTR to test utilities such as runway inspection and they could of airplane parts across the flight terminal.

Acecore demonstrated its tried-and-true Neo octocopter that offers a 25 minute flight time because of added motor and critical thing redundancy, as well as AES256 encryption. A new drone was fitted with Acecore’s maglock cargo module.

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