Man Finds Mysterious Hole In Lake Then Sends Drone In


Ever heard seen a hole in a lake before? Well better believe they’re real! Even captured on camera by a man who decided to send his drone in to investigate! You won”t believe what he found under the water!

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Rivers aren’t meant to have violent vortexes. And criminals aren’t meant to be found after 17 successful years hiding in the mountains. Alas, with the awesome technology that is the modern drone, we’ve seen both of those things, and more, actually happen.

With an eye in the sky, drones are introducing us to some seriously crazy acts of nature as well.
Thanks to these nifty machines, people all over the world have found underwater treasure, spotted never-before-seen animals, caught glimpses of dangerous sharks getting far too close to humans, and plenty more. Have you ever seen something crazy from above? If not, you’re about to!

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