June 23, 2021

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{Weekly|Every week|Regular} Roundup 3/23/20

March {16|sixteen|of sixteen}, 2020 – March {22|twenty two|twenty-two}, 2020

Top Stories

The {U|Oughout|You}. S. Department of Justice announced {charges|costs|fees} {against|towards|in opposition to} two men for {conspiring|a conspiracy} to smuggle contraband {into|in to|directly into} prison {with|along with|together with} drones. Investigators said {the two|both|the 2} New Jersey men used drones to smuggle more than {160|one hundred sixty|a hundred and sixty} cell phones, 150 SIM {cards|credit cards|playing cards}, 74 cell phone batteries {and|plus|in addition to} chargers, 35 syringes, {two|2|a couple of} metal blades, marijuana, {and|plus|in addition to} steroids into Fort Dix Federal Prison. (NJ. com)

The government {of|associated with|regarding} Tunisia has reportedly {awarded|granted|honored} Turkish Aerospace Industries a contract {for|with regard to|regarding} six Anka-S medium-altitude long-endurance drones {and|plus|in addition to} associated equipment. The $240 million contract would be Turkey’s first international sale of {the|the particular|typically the} Anka-S, a satellite-enabled {variant|version|alternative} of the Anka drone. (Defense News)

Know Your Drone

Turkish {firm|company|organization} Harp Arge unveiled the ES-60 , a counter-drone {jamming|playing|performing} rifle. (Daily Sabah)

U. S. {startup|new venture|start-up} ThereCraft unveiled plans for a {drone|jingle|rhyme} delivery system using aircraft that can {deposit|down payment|downpayment} their packages without {landing|getting|obtaining}. (Aviation Week)

A team of {researchers|experts|scientists} from Aalto University, UCLouvain, and New York University {is|will be|is usually} {studying|learning|researching} the radar cross-section {of commercial|of economic|of business} drones {to improve|to enhance|to further improve} detection capabilities for counter-drone systems. (Science Daily)

A team {at|in|from} Microsoft has developed a machine {learning|studying|understanding} system {that|that will|of which} trained itself to {fly|travel|take flight} drones by practicing {in a|inside a|within a} simulation. (Venture Beat)

A team {at the|in the|on the} University of Zurich {has developed|has evolved|is rolling out} {a|the|a new} collision avoidance system that enables drones {to|in order to|to be able to} detect incoming objects {in just a|rapidly when compared with13623|within a13623} few milliseconds—fast enough {to play|to try out|to learn} dodgeball. (New Atlas)

Drones {at Work|at the office|at your workplace}

{The|The particular|Typically the} U. K. Department {for|with regard to|regarding} Transport announced a consultation to explore the {use of|utilization of|usage of} drones for medical {deliveries|transport|shipping} , among other {emerging|growing|rising} transportation technologies. (TechCrunch)

Drone maker Schiebel and drone services {firm|company|organization} Nordic Unmanned completed a successful {test|check|analyze} of the CAMCOPTER S-100 rotary-wing drone {for|with regard to|regarding} measuring ship emissions {in|within|inside} shipping lanes. (Inside Unmanned Systems)

{The|The particular|Typically the} Owensboro Police Department {in|within|inside} Kentucky has acquired a {drone|jingle|rhyme} for a {range of|selection of|array of} operations. (The Messenger-Inquirer )

The Chula {Vista|Windows vista|Landscape} Police Department in {California|Ca|Los angeles} {announced that|declared that} it plans to use drones equipped with loudspeakers to identify individuals who defy {the|the particular|typically the} coronavirus lockdown and {instruct|advise|teach} them to go home. (Financial Times )

Meanwhile, {police|law enforcement|authorities} in southern France have {begun|started|commenced} using loudspeaker-equipped drones to help enforce {the|the particular|typically the} country’s coronavirus lockdown. (Reuters)

And {police|law enforcement|authorities} in Spain have also reportedly used drones for this {same|exact same|similar} purpose. (Reuters)

Heathrow Airport in the United Kingdom has {installed|set up|mounted} an Aaronia counter-drone {system|program|method} to help {detect|identify|discover} intruding unmanned aircraft. (Commercial Drone Professional)

A man enduring the coronavirus lockdown in Cyprus used {a|the|a new} drone to help walk {his|their|his / her} dog . (New {York|You are able to} Daily {News|Information|Reports} )

Industry Intel

Orbital UAV and an unnamed Singaporean defense firm have partnered {to develop|to build up|to produce} multi-fuel engines for drones . (Defence Connect)

The U. {K|Nited kingdom|E}. Defence Science and {Technology|Technologies|Technological innovation} Laboratory awarded HORIBA {MIRA|FINALIDAD|INTENTO} and QinetiQ contracts to develop unmanned ground vehicles for the {British|Uk|English} Army . (Shephard Media)

DraganFly {and|plus|in addition to} AeroVironment have partnered to {distribute|disperse|spread} the AeroVironment Quantix Mapper to {commercial|industrial|business} markets worldwide. (Robotics {Business|Company|Enterprise} Review)

India’s Ministry of Defense {issued|released|given} a request for information for {100|one hundred|a hundred} portable loitering munitions . (Jane’s)

{According to|Based on|In accordance with} an announcement in a {Chinese|Chinese language|China} state-sponsored media outlet, {the|the particular|typically the} People’s Liberation Army {intends|expects|hopes} {to acquire|to get|to obtain} CH-901 and WS-43 loitering munition drones . (National Interest)

{The|The particular|Typically the} U. S. Air Force {Research|Study|Analysis} Lab awarded Planck {Aerospace|Aeronautical|Tail wind} a contract to develop guidance and {navigation systems|satnav systems|tracking devices} for small drones . (Inside Unmanned Systems)

TEOCO and Swisscom have partnered to optimize {mobile|cellular|cell phone} radio networks for {commercial|industrial|business} drone traffic . (Press Release)

{The|The particular|Typically the} Australian Department of {Defence|Protection|Support} downselected Insitu Pacific, Leidos Australia, Raytheon Pacific, {and|plus|in addition to} Textron Systems Australia to {compete|contend} for the contract to replace {the|the particular} Army’s Shadow 200 . (Asia Defence Reporter)

Commentary, {Analysis|Evaluation}, and Art

In a video {at|in|from} Bloomberg, Kellen Tse {explains|describes|clarifies} how his company uses drones to help fight the coronavirus .

{At|In|From} Filmmaker Magazine, Matt Mulcahey describes the complicated {route|path} {one|1|a single} filmmaker took to build a {successful|effective|prosperous} business with drones .

At {Government|Authorities|Federal government} Technology, Jed Pressgrove {looks at|discusses} a California-based drone manufacturer {that is|which is} aiming to replace police helicopters with drones .

At Avionics {International|Worldwide|Global}, Brian Garrett-Glaser looks at {how|exactly how|just how} {commercial|industrial} drone services companies are {reflecting|highlighting} on the 53, 000 {comments|feedback|remarks} on the FAA’s remote identification proposal.

At USNI {News|Information}, Megan Eckstein writes {that|that will} {the|the particular} U. S. Navy {is|will be|is usually} planning to double the number of unmanned systems {in its|in the} Expeditionary Mine Countermeasures {Company|Organization|Business}.

At {Inside|Within} Unmanned Systems, Charles Choi explains the importance of beyond {visual|visible} line-of-sight drone operations {for|with regard to|regarding} farming .

At CNBC, Amanda Macias visits a factory {in|within} Mississippi where the U. S. {Navy|Navy blue} is building a new unmanned warship .

{Weekly|Every week|Regular} Roundup 3/23/20

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